Submodule extending the vtkAssembly object functionality.


class vedo.assembly.Assembly(*meshs)[source]

Bases: vtkRenderingCorePython.vtkAssembly, vedo.base.Base3DProp

Group many meshes as a single new mesh as a vtkAssembly.


Make a clone copy of the object.

lighting(style='', ambient=None, diffuse=None, specular=None, specularPower=None, specularColor=None)[source]

Set the lighting type to all Mesh in the Assembly object.

  • style (str) – preset style, can be [metallic, plastic, shiny, glossy]

  • ambient (float) – ambient fraction of emission [0-1]

  • diffuse (float) – emission of diffused light in fraction [0-1]

  • specular (float) – fraction of reflected light [0-1]

  • specularPower (float) – precision of reflection [1-100]

  • specularColor (color) – color that is being reflected by the surface


Unpack the list of objects from a Assembly.

If i is given, get i-th object from a Assembly. Input can be a string, in this case returns the first object whose name contains the given string.